Innovation is Coming.

Innovation is the plague that has stalked the earth since the beginning of time itself.

It is responsible for the survival of the Homo-Sapien at the cost of the extinction of the Homo-Erectus. It is the reason why medicine has triumphed over diseases. And it is the reason why Nietzsche claimed that “God is Dead”.

Innovation puts a lifespan on all that is present. What is present becomes measured in terms of convenience and when that convenience is spent, innovation sentences it to death. No-one can survive the sword of innovation. However, not everyone is condemned to feel its blade.

Innovation turned the club into a sharpened spear. It replaced a leather vest with a metal chest and the arrow with a long-ranged gun. Long range missiles replaced the need for troops on the ground while planes in the sky replaced the need for artists drawing in high trees.

Whilst we rejoice in our ability to access anywhere in the world in less than 24-hours, not a single thought is spared for the thousands of jobs lost in the shipyards as its industry shrank to the size of a puddle.

h and w artwork empty

The once Great ‘Harland and Wolff’ responsible for creating the Titanic now lives in a shadow of its former self. Its land now plays host to Titanic Studios in which HBO’s Game of Thrones is filmed.

Standing alone in their empty dock, they stand as both a warning and a lesson.

No matter how tall or affluent you may be in the moment, that’s all the present may ever be – a moment. We are beings that are at the forefront of evolution. The greatest that has ever lied. But not the greatest to ever live. The universe and all that is in it travels in one direction – forward. We were designed for the future. We are futuristic beings. And that is where we’ll end up.

Your outlook to the oncoming Train of Innovation determines where you are at its time of passing. You could be on board the train, driving the train, or waiting on the tracks to be hit by the unstoppable force coming in your direction.

Many love where they are at. They hate change for change is a disruption to what is perfect. And when you change what is perfect you risk imperfection in the strive for something better. However, denial doesn’t give up the chance of loss, denial only gives up all chance of success by accepting the certain death .

Be it in business, dating or technology, failure to address such a crucial aspect of the life cycle will leave you with nothing and do so without mercy. Claiming certain rights and crying in hindsight will not bring back that which you’ve lost due to not taking responsibility for your own actions.

Therefore, rather than live blindly in a world which answers to innovation, let us learn to wield it and claim it as our own. Like the Ship of Theseus, may we sail into future waters under the guide of innovation rather than be lost to the pages of history by clinging to that which does not last.



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