13- Second Thoughts.

The Linear path of life makes it very easy to slip into the temptation that because we are travelling in the direction of A, that all that is important is arriving at A.

The resultant time in between is therefore wished away, as the value placed on the end steals all the value of the process. Yet, if we gained such an end without first going through the process – we would be disappointed when finding that the expected value has dropped.

For if the goal of sex was to get to the end – the best sex would be the shortest sex. However, If the sex was to only last 13-seconds, I doubt it would carry the same ‘appeal’.

In this, it is the journey that adds value to the end. It’s not just about making sure you get to where you want to go – it’s about HOW you get there. The legacy can only recount the achievement in comparison to the climb. For the climb is what makes the mountain special.

A full appreciation of the process in relation to the end, then enables one to gain value from more than just one area, and truly become – the Champ Champ.


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