Celebrating Boredom.

Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, but recently I’ve been longing for the Sundays where the TV would role through its usual list of drab Sunday television, which has seen little to no love from the budget of the broadcasting companies. This longing is not to watch the films that have just moved out of the black and white era, nor for the storylines of the Westerns – but instead, for the feeling as I watched them – FUCKING BORED.

Recently, this feeling of boredom has escaped me (perhaps for good reasons as I’ve been busy), however, I miss it!

What I’ve come to realise, is that boredom only exists when there is an opportunity to do something better. For if we had no option to do otherwise, we would not be bored. Boredom, therefore, can be referred to as an expression of freedom.

In the days when we don’t have the ability to do otherwise, be it duties or some other impediment that stops us, we are not bored – yet, we are not free to do as we wish.

Freedom therefore comes at a cost, and that cost is the risk of both gain and loss. This risk of freedom is that although we might achieve that higher level (than simply accepting the risk free average) – we must accept the potential to fall short. However, falling into boredom need not be feared, but may even be cause for a moment to savour.

For it is only in reflection of these bored moments, that we may look back with fondness. In comparison to the mayhem, the memory of boredom reminds us of what freedom is. Having the vast openness of life with all the options at your fingertips, yet, this moment of watching that crappy Western is the one you have chosen. In time, that movie which you can’t even remember the name, cast or storyline stands true as one of the Greats in your memory.




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