The components of growth.

TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Friends are based around the development of two close knit friendship groups. In each, they do life together and as the seasons go on, we witness the evolving relationships of each group. That is, until the respective final seasons, which sees each group split up and go in their separate directions.

As an avid HIMYM fan, this ending didn’t sit right with me. Surely, there was no need for such a close group to go their separate ways? Why couldn’t the writers just let things stay the same?

In life it seems there are three main options.

  1. Stay the same
  2. Go Backwards
  3. Or move forwards.

A lobster’s life, personifies the process of growth.

When the lobster grows, it pushes the bounds of its shell until the pain of the pressure forces it to leave its shell and find a new one.

Likewise, for some people, the pain of their current situation forces them to move. For in that place of pain, life may be unsustainable. The only option is to evolve or become extinct.

For some, growth is a welcomed choice. Despite enjoying their current situation, the introduction of a new goal may require growth in order to achieve their new ambition.

And then, there are those which are given a different choice. Go back or go forward. For this group, fate has stolen the option of remaining the same.

A painful part of this may come in the fact the person might have no desire to change, and yet it is required of them. In this, the person is forced to accept the leaving behind of that in which they have loved, planted and poured their lives into. A great sacrifice, with no consent being given by the one having to pay the cost. This is the pain of growth.

Growth, requires space. And sometimes, where we’re going –  we cannot bring where we’ve came from with us.

Hindsight shows that there is goodness at the end of growth. And yet, in the height of the sacrifice, it is easy to forget this. Perhaps – like the grain of wheat which must fall to the ground and die to produce many seeds – it is the role of death and sacrifice in the process of growth that throws us of balance. Perhaps, it is the need for faith in a process which proclaims life through death which we cannot trust.

In this, it may be wise to remember that in order to grow, we must allow our faith to match the level of sacrifice needed for growth.


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