The hoover-er.

The dreamer’s purpose is to dream for those that cannot dream.

Before 2007, the notion of a touch screen smart-phone, capable of being used by the blind would have been beyond imagination. For like David Hume said, “without impressions, we cannot have ideas”.

The Steve Jobs of this world – those who’s minds go beyond the limits of rational thought – are gifted with an insight to the world of innate ideas.

When Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile, it meant more than just inspiring others it could be done. Bannister shattered the boundaries of rational thought, showing not only are dreams possible, but they are intended for this world.

However, there are those who cannot dream.

On going to the shops, my friend remarked on a 50+ year old store worker who was hoovering a door-mat which would inevitably get dirty again within the hour. The discussion that followed highlighted there are those out there, who inevitably find themselves doing something which they are called beyond. And yet, they have been left behind. Such a position, might even have left them with the inability to imagine a way out. They are in a cave. And human beings were not created to stay in the cave.

And so, we introduce the dreamer.

With the ability to imagine beyond their current situation, the dreamer can picture more than staying in the cave. With this as a guide, the dreamer can set out to find their dream of an exit in the reality of the world they live. The dreamer, who finds a way out of the cave, can then go back and show their fellow captives the way out.

The role and purpose of the dreamer, therefore, is to be a guide to the blind – leading them into the eye-opening light.


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