The Genesis Search.

“Whatever happens, happens.” “It is what it is.” “Que sera sera” No, no, no. It’s time we renounced all of the above not just from our vocabulary, but from the way we live our lives and approach the greatest challenges of life. To live in such a way is not progressive. It does not relieve […]

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Innovation is Coming.

Innovation is the plague that has stalked the earth since the beginning of time itself. It is responsible for the survival of the Homo-Sapien at the cost of the extinction of the Homo-Erectus. It is the reason why medicine has triumphed over diseases. And it is the reason why Nietzsche claimed that “God is Dead”. Innovation […]

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13- Second Thoughts.

The Linear path of life makes it very easy to slip into the temptation that because we are travelling in the direction of A, that all that is important is arriving at A. The resultant time in between is therefore wished away, as the value placed on the end steals all the value of the process. […]

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Celebrating Boredom.

Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, but recently I’ve been longing for the Sundays where the TV would role through its usual list of drab Sunday television, which has seen little to no love from the budget of the broadcasting companies. This longing is not to watch the films that have just moved out of the black […]

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The components of growth.

TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother and Friends are based around the development of two close knit friendship groups. In each, they do life together and as the seasons go on, we witness the evolving relationships of each group. That is, until the respective final seasons, which sees each group split up and […]

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Butchering Robbie Williams.

The problem with celebrity culture, is not what celebrities do, but our reaction to it. Yes, Robbie Williams being caught washing his hands after shaking hands with fans didn’t come across as fantastic, but on inspection, neither did the witch hunt that followed. In the eyes of the media and the general public, there is […]

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Tits-up hypocrisy.

On 2nd September, 2016 – Pamela Anderson received torrents of abuse in response to her anti-pornography article published the previous day. Her points on the corrosive nature of pornography, and its affect on a man’s ability to fulfil his duties as both husband and father – were rejected outright on the basis of her legacy as a global sex-symbol. […]

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